First time doing this--I have no idea what I'm doing

So... I heard that this was sort of a blog posting site as well as a book site, so I'm trying this out. I have to admit, I'm a bit of a lazy person sometimes, so sometimes I see a book and I'll go "Do I really want to review that right now?" But I do want to have at least something so...


Hi there!


Yes. I'm that one newbie. Ah well, the only problem with this site is trying to navigate it a bit... the blog portion is a bit interesting though. I am always on the hunt for reading recommendations and writing tips (as yes, I do write, even if I have no real hope of being published. Ah, one can dream).


I could probably go on rants for ages about all sorts of topics, but as I said, I'm testing this out. I'm probably one of the more boring people on the site at the moment, but I will learn. YES I WILL.